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Live Lessons Online with Jeff Hinchliffe (aka Young Jeff)

We have always strived to help customers become the best magicians they can be. Whether it's helping to decide on material, our ability to order in a specific item requested, our regular hosting of famous lecturers from all over the world, our library of magic books,our monthly club where you can workshop ideas, we're always trying to help everyone improve.

One of the unique opportunities our customers really enjoyed were the one-on-one lessons in store with our resident expert, Jeff Hinchliffe (aka Young Jeff). For years now Young Jeff has offered lessons in the shop after hours and many of you have taken advantage of them.

With in-person meetings still far off in the distance, we are now offering Young Jeff's One-on-One LIVE lessons virtually! That's right, now you can get the same one-on-one live experience and at a fraction of the cost without the need to leave the house. And at a time that is convenient for you!

The lessons will be held over Zoom. If you have a computer with a webcam or a tablet/cellphone with a camera, you're already good to go! If you do not have Zoom then Young Jeff will help you figure this out.

The Live lessons will run 60 minutes in length. The lesson will be recorded at Young Jeff's end so afterwards you will receive a permanent copy.

The price break-down for the one-on-one lessons is as follows:

1 LIVE lesson - $50

5 LIVE lessons - $199 (Just under $40/lesson, saving $10/lesson)

10 LIVE lessons - $299 (Just under $30/lesson, saving $20/lesson)

Please choose the option you'd like from the drop-down menu before purchasing.


Here's what people have said about Young Jeff's teaching:

Last year I decided to work my way through Stars of Magic. Having Jeff to help tutor me has made this an incredible journey! His knowledge is encyclopedic and he’s obviously got the chops to teach. If you’re familiar with the book you know that it’s more than just cards. Jeff handles it all. He’s patient and still challenges me with many modern improvements. I’m thrilled that I’m getting a chance to return to studying with him. Jeff gives me a much needed boost so that I can finally stand on the shoulders of some of the giants of magic...and more.  Can’t wait to get started again!
Marc Gelman, MD

I have taken lessons from Jeff for several years and I can offer only the highest praise for his teaching. He assessed my abilities and we discussed what I wanted to accomplish.  He then developed a progressive lesson plan that had me surprising myself.  I was never a strong “card guy” but with Jeff’s training I progressed quickly and developed a passion that I didn’t expect.  He taught me the skills I needed and complemented them with great tricks.  And he provided plenty of positive support,  encouragement and made it fun.  Take lessons from Jeff.  Just do it.  You won’t regret it and your magic will improve multifold.
I’m Ian Crawford and I approve this ad

Jeff is a wonderful teacher who has all the skills of a great magician and all the patience of a brilliant teacher. He understood my level of experience and guided me in a way that made me feel comfortable and allowed me to gain confidence in a variety of areas of magic. Best of all, he made it fun.

Bob Weeks

When I returned to magic after a few decades’ absence I knew I’d need help getting my fundamentals down quickly. Jeff Hinchliffe’s expert tutelage made that possible, and yet more, as well. His deep knowledge of, and passion for, the art are almost beyond compare. He combines this with a real expertise in instruction that puts many “teachers” to shame, and always meets his pupils with patient, good humour as well. Whether you are a relative beginner wanting a strong foundation in the art of magic, or an experienced worker wanting to develop a new skill set or refine your technique, Jeff is definitely someone you should turn to. You will be glad that you did, and your audiences will be even more appreciative!
Phil Groff

We all know that Jeff H. (aka Young Jeff) is an amazing magician but what you need to know is that he is also an amazing teacher. Teaching requires thought, planning and patience and Jeff has all of those. I subscribe to his ’30 Minutes of Magic’ and each week I learn something new, helpful and practical. Magicians at all levels can learn from Jeff’s knowledge and expertise…and plus...he is a really nice guy.
Mark Wicken

And here's a few words from Young Jeff:

Hi guys, I hope everyone out there is doing okay. I'm excited to be offering my private one-on-one lessons online. If you're interested but hesitant, feel free to email me with your goal: to see if my lessons are right for you. My goal is to help you achieve yours, whether that's learning a new move, a new trick, or just improving and buffing the magic you've been doing for years. Help me to help you by letting me know exactly what you want to get out of our time together, and let's make the magic happen!