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Oil and Water by Jeff Hinchliffe (Online Downloadable Video)

Another 3 video download from Jeff Hinchliffe. This time he's covering the classic Oil and Water plot.

In the first video, learn Jeff's handling for Oil and Water that he has been using for years. Some of his closest friends (who have seen A LOT of his magic) say it's their favourite trick. It's a three phase oil and water with the third phase being a total knockout! And, it's not hard to do! Using your head instead of your hands, you get a full deck separation without having to cull or do any difficult shuffles.

In the second video, you will learn a never-before-published (in print or on video) phase that can be incorporated into the first routine, between the 2nd and 3rd phases. It's a handling where the cards are interlaced but left jogged. Without taking your eyes off of the cards, instantly the cards have separated, while still jogged!

In the third video, you will learn a very visual and clean-looking three phase oil and water, including a moment where the cards instantly mix when given a shake! This one is not for the faint of heart, and will require you to handle double cards with confidence (well worth the effort though!)

Total Video length approx. 35 min.