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Pieces by Jeff Hinchliffe (E-Book)

8 pieces of material pulled from Jeff's repertoire, this e-booklet is a nice mix of easy and difficult magic.


Deja Vu - A strange trick where no card is selected, and no card is found, yet the audience is fooled multiple times.

Couple of Jokers - A version of Dr. Daley's last trick with a killer ending, this trick has a story that ties it all together. Not easy, but it's a knockout!

For Dingle - A streamlined version of Dingle's Quadraconvincing Triumph, all the fat has been trimmed away leaving a lean, mean, powerful version of Vernon's classic plot.

Time to Go - A modification of a trick from Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, a coin disappears by playing with time. However, playing with time can have unexpected consequences, as is soon discovered.

A Partial Explanation - A safe, easy way to practice improvisation for tricks like Vernon's 'The Trick That Cannot Be Explained' this two card revelation is easy to do and can help build confidence.

Linking Singles - A strange piece where a rubberband is linked... onto itself! A pen, pencil, magic wand, chopstick, or other item is passed through the linked parts of the rubberband, and the band unlinks itself, at the same time freeing itself from the pen/pencil/wand.

Oil and Water - Jeff's streamlined handling of this classic Marlo plot. Four black cards repeatedly separate from four red cards, and the ending is a huge surprise! Clever thinking over difficult handling make this great bang for your buck!

Taking Credit - Four cards 'assist' in figuring out a selection (very cheekily) and then the four 'assistant' cards magically turn into the magician's favourite assistants, the four queens!

48 Pages.