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Riffs (Tuned To The Key of Mnemonica) (E-Book)

Mnemonica's release in 2004 took the magic world by storm. It changed the way many magicians approahced a deck of cards, and that included our own Jeff Hinchliffe.

Six years later, Jeff had developed a reputation in Toronto as 'the memdeck guy' and here he shares some of his work with Juan's powerful stack.

8 routines (only 2 require Mnemonica, 6 are stack-independent) with a memorized deck.

Poker Voice - A deck is spread on the table, and a card peeked from it. The person who peeked the card then names three cards (two they make up and the one they peeked) and the magician repeatedly can tell by their voice which card they actually looked at.

Thinking Stop - A card is peeked from the deck, and the deck given several cuts. The magician turns his head away, and spreads the cards, asking the spectator to 'think stop' when they see their card. The magician not only is able to stop when the spectator thinks it, but without turning their head back are able to reveal the card's identity!

Marlo-Maloney-Hinchliffe - A double thought-of card routine that's streamlined and efficient. Without any wrong guesses, two thought of cards are revealed, the cards are shuffled, and you finish in stack at the end!

Lying to Ron Bauer - Jeff found a way to incorporate Ron Bauer's fantastic Lie Detector routine into Mnemonica, and while it uses a force, it works with three different cards in the deck, allowing you to repeat it and not tip that it's a force!

Imagine It - Combining the toonie/loonie with a memorized deck, in this effect the spectator imagines picking any card, and then imagines a toonie and a loonie. Whichever coin they imagine, it physically appears in the deck, right next to the card they imagined! A killer effect.

Production Values - An essay and explanation of how Jeff produces a freely named four of a kind, in whatever order the spectator's choose! A combination of ideas from multiple card selection routines and ace productions makes this an interactive miracle!

Food for Thought - A freely named card and a card thought-of magically appear between the jokers. A clever use of one-ahead/one-behind principle in a sandwich trick. This was first featured in Magic Magazine in 2010.

Whispered Card - A card, created in the mind of a spectator through whispers (the carriers of secrets) is revealed in a clean and magical way.

39 pages.