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A Trilogy of Triumph by Jeff Hinchliffe (Online Downloadable Video)

3 videos teaching 3 different handlings of the classic Triumph, all taught by our resident Card Expert, Jeff Hinchliffe.

The first video features Jeff's handling and touches on performing Triumph with Sid Lorraine's Slop Shuffle, as well as an additional ruse that can be squeezed out of the slop shuffle technique. This is an easy to do routine that happens entirely in the hands.

The second video features a brief introduction to Vernon's original Triumph as published in the Stars of Magic. Jeff then demonstrates his version of Derek Dingle's 'QuadraConvincing Triumph' and discusses the changes he made to the routine and the motivation behind them.

The third video features Jeff's Harmony - A triumph where not only are the cards clearly shown to be mixed and interlaced face-up and face-down, but at the conclusion the deck has returned to New Deck Order! This routine was first featured in Ben Train and Chris Mayhew's 'A Series of Unfortunate Effects' and was one of two effects that got an audible gasp from the audience when the film was featured in a theatre for the public.

With these 3 great versions of Vernon's classic, from easy to difficult, there's something here for everyone. (Total Video length approx. 1 hour)