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Electric Sensation by Neil Jouve (Red Bicycle Back)

Electrify your card magic with the Electric Sensation. Created by Neil Jouve, this easy to use gimmick can hide out inside your deck and be used to deliver a small shock to your audience whenever you want. There are no batteries or electronic devices, and the gimmick is completely safe to use. The Electric Sensation allows you to simulate the feeling of a static shock when it is touched and requires no setup to use. It’s ready to go at a moment's notice when you want to give your audience a jolt or perform some visual PK illusions.

In addition to the special gimmick, you get an instructional video with six routines taught in expert detail by the entire team at Penguin magic. The routines involve card locations, PK effects, visual magic, and a lot more. Get the shocking reactions you are looking for with The Electric Sensation.