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Magic Coin Nest of Boxes

The Nest of Boxes is a classic of magic, and this pocket version is perfect to carry with you!

The magician borrows a quarter, which may be marked for later identification. The quarter is wrapped up in a napkin or handkerchief, and held onto by a spectator. The magician removes a plastic container from his pocket and sets it on the table.

A snap of the fingers, and the spectator is asked to open the napkin/handkerchief only to find the quarter has vanished! The magician asks the spectator to open the container on the table.

When the spectator does, they find a second, smaller container inside. The magician asks the spectator to open the second container. When they do, an even smaller, third container is found inside.

Again, the magician asks the spectator to open the third container. Hilariously, there's an even smaller fourth container inside! Finally, when the spectator opens the fourth container, inside is their marked quarter!

A powerful piece of prestidigitation that requires no real sleight of hand, plays big and it fits in your pocket!