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Split Coin Loonie By Roy Kueppers

We are having a ton of fun with this at the shop. This was one of the new items that Roy is making. Not only it is easy it is one of the neatest gimmicked coins he has ever made and we have ever seen. Many possible routines here. Here at the shop we borrow a Loonie and bill. The Loonie is placed on top of the bill. Next the magician rubs the Loonie on the coin in circular motions and then suddenly the audiences realizes that the coin has melted part way through the bill! Both sides of the bill are shown! Once the effect sinks in and the impossibility of it all the magician pulls the Loonie right off of the bill and the bill is handed back for examination. The coin is just beautifully crafted as we have all come to expect with a Roy Kueppers prop. It is silent in working. At our magic shop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada we demonstrate hundreds of tricks!