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30 Minutes of Magic (6 Month Subscription)

30 Minutes of Magic is a weekly DOWNLOADABLE video lesson taught by Jeff Hinchliffe (henceforth known as Young Jeff).

Young Jeff has earned a reputation in our shop (and beyond) as a knowledgeable and accomplished student of magic.

Every Friday we will be releasing a 30 minute lesson to those who kindly buy a subscription.

The videos will cover a range of close-up magic, from cards, to coins, to mentalism to sponge balls and more.

There will be a wide range of levels with much of the material being easy to perform.  Truly something for all levels & ages!

Not only will the tricks be taught... The misdirection, the routining, the “getting in and getting out” as Vernon would say will all be explained!  You won't just learn how a trick works, you'll learn why a trick works!  The tools and techniques you will learn in these videos will be useful to you beyond the tricks taught.

What you will receive is a 6 MONTH subscription, meaning that you will get access to 24 videos, emailed to you once a week. When your subscription is close to expiring, we will contact you to inform you and let you know that you may extend your subscription to 1 year (24 additional videos) by simply paying the difference ($120) or you can let your subscription expire.

Join today and let our 30 Minutes of Magic give you so much more.