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Impossible But True! A Card Prediction that covers all the angles! Magician holds envelope in one hand as a tray, and a deck of cards in the other. He deals one card from deck onto envelope, tilts envelope slightly, and card slides onto table. He continues to repeat this procedure explaining to the audience that in the envelope is a prediction card. He tells the spectator to stop him at any time. On the spectator's command the magician stops. To give the spectator Complete Freedom Of Choice the spectator is asked which card he had in mind, card that last landed on table, the card on envelope about to land on table, or card about to be dealt. The One He Picks is given to him with the envelope. Not Only Does The Card Match the jumbo prediction card in the envelope, but the cards on the table are Exposed showing them to be different and the magician continues dealing from the deck, Face Up Now, explaining that the spectator could have stopped him anywhere. The audience is left "Bewildered".

  • No rough and smooth,
  • No double face cards at all,
  • No stooges or confederates,
  • No deck or card switches.
  • Clever and easy to do.
  • Clear instructions,
  • Deck of cards,
  • Envelope and,
  • Jumbo prediction card are all included.

Available at our magic shop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.