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Howard Thurston Unmasked by Grace Thurston

Howard Franklin Thurston was a "magician's Magician." A fabulous man who presented to the world what he wanted it to know and little more. So secretive was he about his private background during the early years, that prior to publication of this manuscript, little factual information was known about Howard Thurston offstage. Now the unknown becomes known.

The true story of Thurston's early years - beginning in the late 1900s - as told by his first wife Grace, is an adventurous tale of early Americana...a strange romance...a thrilling success story that leads from near starvation in the pioneer West to "Command" performances before the crowned heads of Europe.

"My Magic Husband - Thurston the Great" was first published by Phil Temple in 1985. In its original manuscript form, and published as a soft bound edition of 300 copies, the limited edition "Sold Out" almost immediately. Now, this re titled edition of the "manuscript" is being offered to the magic fraternity in a newly edited, photo enhanced, typeset and hand bound edition. Limited to 500 copies, "My Magic Husband - Thurston UnMasked" is destined to find a place in the libraries of serious magic enthusiasts around the world.

Hardbound with dust jacket - 190 pages. Available at our magic store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.