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French Arm Chopper

Any spectator's arm is placed in the chopper. A large Solid Blade is forced down thru the wrist. The spectator's Actual Hand (not a dummy) is seen to drop off and fall in the bag below! One of the most copied effects in magic, U. F. Grant invented the French Arm Chopper. This is the original and still the best! This is a BIG trick. It looks wonderful on the stage, but can be used at a party just as well. Packs flat, and still light in weight for easy transporting.

  • It's Entirely Mechanical! 
  • Yes The Blade Is Solid! Blade Is Not Switched! 
  • Blade Does Go Clear Down! 
  • Any Spectator May Be Used! 
  • Blade Does Not Pivot Or Hinge! 
  • There Are No Holes In The Blade! 
  • Spectator's Actual Hand Drops Into The Bag! 
  • Hand Is Not Covered When Blade Comes Down! 
  • Ends Of Blade Extend Beyond Sides Of Chopper!

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