Browser's Den of Magic

Do You Feel Lucky? by Jeff Hinchliffe

A blue deck of cards, and a special red-backed card with the number '13' on the back are introduced. The spectator is invited to cut the cards anywhere they like.

The blue deck is then spread, and the red-backed '13' card is moved across the spread. The spectator says 'stop' whenever they like, and the red card is inserted where they stop (no force).

They are then asked whether they want to count 13 cards above or below where the red card is inserted. Whichever way they choose, you count 13 cards. You remove the card. You show a few cards more or less would have been different. They turn over the card they counted to, and you turn over the red-backed card, A PERFECT MATCH!

Always works, can be repeated with a different card, and comes with some bonus ideas using the same deck! Easy to to, no sleight of hand required!