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Pure Imagination by Jeff Hinchliffe

A repeatable miracle with no sleight of hand!

Here's what happens... A spectator peeks at a card in the deck and commits it to memory. You hold the deck face-up, and ask them to "imagine" removing their card. When they do, you spread through the deck and their card is gone! You can count the cards and there are only 51!

You then turn the deck face down and ask them to imagine returning their card to the deck. When they do, you comment that they left their card face-up, which is good because it means we'll all see where they put it. The magician spreads the deck face down and the spectator's card is now face-up in the middle of the face-down spread!

At this point, if you remove and replace the selected card back in its proper orientation, you are ready to repeat! That's right, you can do it again with a different card!

Based on the work of people like Charles Jordan and Ted Annemann, this adapted gimmick allows you to perform this trick with virtually no sleight of hand. Best of all, the gimmick will hide itself in any deck with standard US Playing Card faces. Bicycle, Bee, Tally Ho, red deck, blue deck, doesn't matter!

You also get a bonus trick wherein you can use this gimmick to perform PARADOX, a variation of the famous Annemann's Nightmare trick. And, like Pure Imagination, this gimmick allows you to repeat the trick with a different card if you'd like.