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Impulse To Split by Jeff Hinchliffe (Online Downloadable Video)

The Universal/General Card is another classic plot in card magic, dating back to the 19th century. A joker changes into freely selected cards, only to return back to being a joker. This handling by Jeff Hinchliffe is a modern take on this classic.

Two cards are freely selected. A Joker is shown and inserted into the pack and left out-jogged face up. With a shake of the deck the joker changes into the first selection. The card is removed and with another shake it changes into the second selection. The card, which the magician then explains is still the joker, is inserted face up into the deck and the cards squared. A snap of the fingers, and when the cards are spread the reversed card has turned back into the joker! Finally, the joker is taken and visibly split into the two selections, which may be handed to the spectators for examination.

One regular deck, one joker, and a whole lot of magic! Video length approx. 14 min.